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Learn to Sign with your Baby Ebook American Sign Language 

Learn to Sign with your Baby Ebook

by Signing for Little Hand's

Learn to Sign with your Baby Ebook by Signing for Little Hand's


Learn how to Boosts your babies IQ & Language Development through this fun easy to use eBook. This baby sign language eBook covers  250 America Sign Language (ASL) words.  Get it now.  This sign language for babies is an eBook that is Instant Download after ordering.

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Signing with your baby using America Sign Language (ASL) can have a major benefit effect on your Babies / toddlers Language development and brain development as they grow. In the USA teaching baby sign language is finally becoming popular. Why?

Well.  As a being a mothers / fathers / caregiver / parent have you asked yourself.  Why - What are they trying to say?... What do they want.....

Ever wonder what your baby is thinking or what she is interested in? Want to ask her what she likes to eat? Want to know if that cry is because he is hungry, needs a diaper change, or is hurt? Want to stop that tantrum?

With teaching your baby to Sign you will be able to do just that.

Through this eBook you will:

  • Learn 250 Baby Signs

  • Learn About Language Development and how Sign Language Builds more Synapses in a Childs brain.

  • Learn about how Signing helps further the development of a Childs brain.

  • Learn how Signing boosts your child’s and self esteem

  • Learn how it lessons Frustration between children and parents.

Infants know what they want far before they can express it verbally. This is because they have not developed their verbal abilities of their brain yet. This develops later. But one of the first things that develops in a baby are their fine motor skills. With having their fine motor skills developed they can sign. So teaching your baby sign language you and your baby can enjoy the excitement and benefits of two-way communication long before your baby can talk. 

By teaching your child sign language, you can take advantage of your baby’s natural abilities to communicate sooner and reduce the stress for the whole family! The level of frustration that children feel diminishes significantly when a child can tell you what she wants. And fewer tantrums mean a better relationship! You will also be building a second language that you child can use later in life, in school.  The Development in a child's brain will have a lasting helping effect for you child.


This eBook of Baby Sign Language Dictionary Covers

  • Bath Vocabulary

  • Bed Time Vocabulary

  • Body Parts

  • Car Ride Vocabulary

  • Discipline Statements

  • Extra Needed Vocabulary

  • Food Vocabulary

  • Play Time Vocabulary

  • Positive Sayings

  • Waking Up Time

  • Animals and Toys Related

  • Feeling Words

This is an instant download which comes straight to your computer after ordering.

To use this eBook - This is a Web Page based Online eBook.  You will need to have internet connectivity and you will also need to be using a web browser.  Now day all computer come equipped with a web browser.  This eBook is easy to use and fun.

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