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Here you will  find a comprehensive list of links for Mental Health and Physical Health. This area is a resource for  links to sites that are specifically targeted for persons with disabilities and with special interest in adaptive technology. There is also a listing of links in the Houston Area.

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Health A to Z   The Internet, until now, did not offer a comprehensive search engine for all medical and health related sites. Health A to Z aspires to be your Internet navigation tool and information resource in health and medicine.

Mental Health, The largest, most comprehensive guide to mental health online, featuring over 4,200 individual resources. This award-winning fun & friendly site covers information on disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome and substance abuse, to professional resources in psychology, psychiatry and social work, journals and self-help magazines.


Internet Mental Health a free encyclopedia of mental health information.


The New Zealand Ministry of Health

Healthwise is the Health Education and Wellness program of Columbia University Health Service.

General Hospital- How do people become depressed? Lonely? Afraid of the bomb? While General Hospital gives no concrete answers to these questions, the site's juxtaposition of contrasting text and photos provokes thought and resources on aspects of mental health.

CyberPsychologist- Your on-line source for self-help to help you reduce stress and depression, overcome addictive habits, improve relationships and enhance career and personal satisfaction.

Medical Multimedia Group specializes in patient education through the innovative use of interactive computer software.

Health Education: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Drug Use - Complete, free, illustrated web book explains the medical basis of Stress,  Depression, Anxiety and Drug Use in a fun, easy to read format. English and Spanish List in Mental Health Challenges, and in any area where one needs help with high Stress.  - Allen Cognitive Levels is designed to help ccupational Therapists screen the geriatric, stroke, rehabilation and phys dis populations and help them reach the best ability to function without frustration or  boredom!

Shana Boutte'  - Houston, Texas, USA - ASPERGER'S SYNDROME SPECIALIST --  Because there are various diagnoses commonly associated with Asperger's Syndrome, Shana Boutte' is qualified and experienced in working with multiple diagnoses associated with A.S. and P.D.D.-N.O.S.  Adult Disability Advocate, Public Speaker, In Home Training. 


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