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Here you will  find a comprehensive list of links for person with Blind / Visual Impairments  links. This area is a resource for  links to sites that are specifically targeted for persons with disabilities and with special interest in adaptive technology. There is also a listing of links in the Houston Area.

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Adato Vocational Services, Inc. Disability Managers / Vocational Experts
AVS, Inc. provides vocational rehabilitation services to the disabled population.  We are Experts in Social Security Disability, ADA, PI and Veteran's Disability cases and may assist disabled people with their SSDI and VA disability claims though vocational assessment.

HIGHER GROUND - HIGHER GROUND is a resource for people who want to work  toward reaching their personal goals and need to improve their knowledge/skills to achieve them.  We help people find the  educational "tools" (books, programs, games, etc.) necessary for them, that they either lack the time or resources to find by themselves.  The current on-line catalog is focused on skills for locating employment, but what are YOUR goals? Can we help you reach them?


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