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3 Survival Emergency Candle that acts as a Light/Fire/Heater and Small Cooking Stove ( 3 of them )   

Wax will be in different colors. Not red. That was just the wax I had then. 

This homemade Survival Candle is made out of 100% recycled materials.  Made by my 13 year old child and I  as a project to help
us and others.  It can be used as a Candle, for Light, for fire, survival heater and a small cooking stove. It is light weight, small, portable and long lasting, so it can be put in a Emergency Bag, Preppers Kits, Backpack, Bug-out bag, and for the car emergency kits.  This Emergency Candle has a strong flame in a small container, that can be stored and made ready for use anytime. Many
people use them for camping, backpacking, hiking, bug-out bag and for being more self independent. If there were some kind of disaster or SHTF situation, this little heater/cooker/light would come very handy. 

Things You can do:
Heat/boil water ( Help clean water from bacteria if need be )
To Cook with
Make hot coca ( had to mention this! )
Heat a small area, use them to heat up my shelter.
Use as light.
Fire starter for camping

3 Emergency Candles, homemade, Each one looks different. I am using different colors for the wax.  Not very set it going to white wax. There are made from a small tin can ( small cat food can ), wax, and corrugated cardboard.  They are light weight, durable, long lasting and can be used over and over again.  This Candles do not need a wic to get started.  Just light, melt down to the paper, and they will burn for hours.  They have a strong flame. You can also refeed wax into the candle

I made one of this Emergency Candle to put in my Disaster Kits.  I have to say when I lite it up I was so impressed with it. I wanted to start to make these emergency candle because I know most of the America has been dealing with large storms be it rain or snow.  It is good to be per-paired for any kind of event.  If you are going camping, this Candles are great to add to your supplies, the Emergency Candle are light and do not take up space. Please always remember to always treat a fire device with much care.  Be aware that it is burning and can start a fire or can burn you if you do not treat it right.  I believe in Self reliance but with self reliance come reproducibility.  Also don't use it inside a car.  To me the heater produces too much flame to be safely used inside a vehicle. You may want to try keep some tea light candles for emergency vehicle use...those would be much safer and more manageable.

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