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Welcome to Discover A Pal! 

I am sorry to announce that the host of my website lost all of my pen pal area.  

Discover a pen pal using our "Discover A Pal" directory.   It list those with disabilities who want to communicate with other persons with and without disabilities.  In each listed community there is some information about each disability.  We wish to educate the public about the disabled population and clear up some of the misconceptions about disabilities.

One of the main objectives of Discover Technology is to have disabled persons and the participants in Discover Technology labs and communicate by e-mail to family, friends and pen pals

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*Please note that this is not a dating service.  Physical descriptions should only be given if they help explain your disability.  Any adds explicitly seeking dating will not be posted.  If you have a problem with a pen pal writing inappropriate things, please contact  .

To remove yourself from the list, please send a message to .